New digital version of Inchcape

Inchcape, the authorized BMW and Mini dealer, presented a refreshed website

The website presents Inchape showrooms (Poznań, Wrocław, Warsaw), a range of maintenance services, insurance and loan proposals, as well as a current offer of new and used cars and motorcycles available at Inchcape.

The site also has a separate landing page dedicated to individual offers and advertising campaigns. In addition to advertising support, Media Concept also provided support in analytics and advertising solutions on the site aimed primarily at collecting leads.

Costs inflation in major television stations in 2018

2018 ended with high CPP inflation in all stations. On average, costs in the main stations increased by 15%, of which the largest increase in the costis TVP 1 (+ 33%), and the smallest, and most importantly, consistent with declarations from the begining of the year is Polsat (one digit, + 7%). TVN raised the cos an average of 15%.

Looking at the monthly dynamics of inflation changes, the highest increases took place in April (+ 27%) and in September (+ 24%). In the case of April, the main reason was the unusually good weather, which resulted in a larger than predictable outflow of audience (smaller audience means the need to pay more for those viewers who remained in front of the TVs). The high level of costs in September, however, was already the result of the poor start of the autumn TV schedule.

In 2018 we were expecting high inflation in June and July, caused by the Football World Cup. A clear increase in prices was visible in TVP’s which had broadcasting rights of World Cup (as much as 83% on TVP 1 in June and 84% in July), while other stations reacted in defiance to TVP – Polsat with deflation (in June -2% and in July – 8%) and TVN low inflation (+ 9% in June). Ultimately, the average inflation in these two months did not exceed 12%.

Source: Nielsen Audience Measurement, Arianna, 2017-2018, target group: 16+

Strength of support during constipation. Radirex Max

Herbapol Wrocław introduced to the advertising communication another medicine from its range – Radirex Max. It is a herbal medicinal product for short-term use in occasional constipation.

The campaign in media was based on a video message. Spot presents women taking Radirex Max, who share their experiences related to taking the medicine.

The reach of the campaign was generated thanks to television. Its strengthening is Internet activities: search engine support and related websites, among others with eating and digestive disorders.Optima Marketing Group is responsible for creative, for the production of the spot Propeller Film, media planning and buying media agency Media Concept.

You have a good credit and you are on the plus side! Kredyt+ from SGB

SGB ​​Cooperative Banks promote a cash loan Kredyt+.

The goal of the campaign is to reach as many people interested in the loan as possible. The tactical implementation of this assumption is directing the target group to the campaign’s website:

Media Concept is responsible for the media strategy of the campaign, media planning and buying, as well as for implementation of analytical solutions on the campaign’s landing page.

The main axis of advertising activities is the presence at the last stage of the purchasing process, i.e. reaching people actively seeking information about the loan:

  • search ads
  • graphic ads targeted at users currently interested in loans using, among others purchase of programmatic
  • advertisements on smartphones targeted at people using financial comparison websites
  • mailing targeted to the group.

In order to broaden the range, video was used: VoD and social media players (YouTube, Facebook).

In addition to the media in the mediaplan, cinemas in towns with Banks locations and broadcasts of spots in a special block were included in the mediation.

Additional support in the form of graphical ads using Google Display Network and social media has been provided for the Banks participating in the campaign.

Only effective billing models have been used in the campaign.

Quality has also been taken care of by: excluding the positioned pages and applications, and not using ads that annoy users, such as pop-ups.

Creative agency MenAtWork is responsible for ad creation.

Price changes in TV advertising in 2019

Demand for advertising time on TV increases year by year. Meanwhile, its supply remains at a similar level. This leads to a situation in which TV stations are not able to complete full orders or implement them in lower quality bands.

The way to do this is to raise prices or to build such an offer that encourages advertisers to invest in a pricing purchase – more expensive, but enabling the purchase of desired advertising blocks.

TVN and TVP annually publish an official trade policy, based on which we can see what changes in prices will take place in 2019.


  • resignation from package buying on TVN and, in return, introduction of the TVN MAX package, including GRP packages on TVN and TVN7 in a 70/30 ratio; it can really mean a raise
  • a smaller rebate for the rate card buying, while increasing the level at which it is awarded
  • significant increase in CPP for thematic channels compared to 2018
  • promoting the rate card, not only on the main TVN TV, but also on TVN7.

Changes in TVP:

  • CPP increase in package buying by 6-11% depending on the size of the investment, increased CPP subsidies in prime time
  • TVP’s portfolio expanded its products portfolio with a few new stations and added the additional payment for resignation in the campaign from selected channels increased.

For example, by implementing the campaign in 2018 in four thematic stations, we paid extra for resignation from the other 10% channels. In 2019 it is already 20%.

The growing demand for advertising campaigns on television, with the station’s unchanged level of advertising resources, forces advertisers to search for methods of more precise and creative campaign construction.

For customers with smaller budgets, television will still be an attractive medium. Ensuring high-quality campaigns will, however, require the use of precision planning tools to a greater extent: price-list buying, limiting the number of stations to the best suited, taking into account the right amount of prime time etc.