Media Concept established cooperation with OLX Group

From the beginning of 2020 we are working on planning, buying and developing offline media mixes for all brands of the OLX Group, which includes the following services: OLX, Otodom, Otomoto and Fixly.

Our offer was selected based on presented strategy, costs of campaign implementation and team experience. The first media activities have already started in January for Otodom service.

Broad reach activities include nationwide TV stations: Polsat and TVN, and also thematic stations: Comedy Central, Eurosport, TVN Style and TVN24.

Polskie Badanie Czytelnictwa with new indicators

The new PBC study “Engagement in advertising” will allow testing a larger number of respondents (up to 30,000 a year) and using new indicators when planning press campaigns.

Until mid-2018, the readership survey was carried out using the CAPI method, which involves the respondent completing a questionnaire using a computer in the company of an interviewer. Then online surveys (CAWI) joined the research standard, interviews were also enriched with the presentation of the first pages of the last 4 editions of each title.

New indicators, available from November 2019, were obtained thanks to, among others sales and eyetracking data. 600 people have already been tested, 1,200 ads in 70 different titles have been presented to them. During the research, the respondents’ eyeballs work was recorded, thanks to which it was possible to determine the way of reading the press and noticing advertisements.

Research has created 4 new advertising indicators that will be used to build press media plans:

• adExposure – the average number of contacts the reader has with one advertisement in writing throughout the lifetime of the issue of the magazine and many contacts of the reader with the issue. The indicator determines the number of real contacts with the ad

• adExposureTime – defines how many seconds the reader spent reading one advertisement in writing during the entire lifetime of the magazine and many contacts with the edition. It is a measure of focus – the longer the exposure time of the ad, the greater the chance to remember its elements and understand the marketing message

• adReach – defines the percentage or number of people in the target group who have actually seen the advertisement in writing. It is calculated as the coverage range modeled by copy sales and advertising visibility

• realGrossImpression – a measure of the intensity of the campaign, the total number of high-quality contacts with the ad obtained during the entire advertising campaign. “Real” means that one contact with the ad is on average 2/3 of a second

Centra Exide continues the educational campaign

Centra Exide ad layout

Centra Exide is back with the public educational campaign “Exide – Turn on Eco-thinking”. The face of the action is one of the most famous mechanics in Poland – Adam Klimek, who shows how to care for batteries in a safe way, so that they can be used as long as possible, as well as what their recycling should look like.

The campaign began at the beginning of October and covers: television, Ipla service, automotive press and display advertising on the Internet.

The media goal of the campaign is to build a broad coverage and reach the target group, primarily car owners.

Media agency Media Concept is responsible for buying media and coordinating online and offline activities.


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Cross-platform analysis in Analytics: App + Web property

A new type of property is available in Analytics, one of the main tools for online analysis. Until now, you could explore websites or applications separately using Analytics. Currently, there is a third option – analysis of application and website users in one service: Applications + Internet (APP + Web).

The new model places more emphasis on users and events than on sessions – thus changing the current data analysis model. With it, you can collate data from mobile applications and websites in one place. In addition to page views, you can also automatically measure many common internet events, such as scrolling, downloading, and video views. The property can also be used for the websites themselves, it is not necessary to combine data from the application and the website.

The new tool is available in the early beta version: we are currently testing it on our own website to assess whether it is worth implementing this solution at clients in this development phase.

Growth. Between innovation and efficiency

Forum IAB - Stand

Between 5th and 6th June, we had the chance to participate in one of the most prestigious events in the marketing industry – IAB Forum.

The slogan of this year’s thirteenth edition was: “Growth. Between Innovation and Effectiveness.”

Thanks to the invited speakers, we could listen to a variety of aspects about what growth is and how to achieve it.

Experts emphasized the need to modify the customer profiling process – instead of focusing on motivations, it is worth taking a closer look at their behavior. It is equally important to keep up to date with trends and to correctly interpret their consequences.

Building growth also boils down to digital transformation and opening up to digital commerce. As the speakers emphasized, when there is a breakthrough in thinking about business, then there will also be an increase. Among the topics discussed, there was also influencer marketing, artificial intelligence, data driven marketing and advertising blindness.

The meeting also had the opportunity to see what the risks posed by the lack of knowledge about the mechanisms of the Internet and new technologies.

Great organizational facilitation was the application that allowed to select and plan the participation of selected lectures.
We came back from the IAB Forum richer in knowledge, new acquaintances and a large portion of motivation.

Forum IAB - program