Media Analytics


Analysis of advertising expenditures in media and communication of the competition

Research of target groups, including media consumption, which is crucial for advertising campaigns

Analysis and trends in media and advertising market

Media Planing


Media planning based on the client’s business goals and conclusions from market, group and media analysis

Our media strategies are effective and modern means of communication with consumers

Recommended media mixes also built on the canvas of experience gained from previous campaigns

Media Buying


Campaign buying based on media with a pricing policy that is beneficial to the client’s goals

Keeping the balance between the quality of the media and the buying price

After the campaign, the settlement of media performance measures based on independent monitoring and recommendations for further actions


We are a Polish independent media agency, we plan and buy advertising campaigns in the media since 1998
We have worked and work for both international corporations as well as local Polish companies
We are a flexible team, we can adapt to different models of cooperation, what’s more, we handle each order individually and with the highest reliability

In addition to media planning and buying, we offer, among others: consultations, analysis, consultancy and media training

We adapt our offer to the needs of our clients
What we do now is better than what we did six months ago
And what we will do in half a year will be better than what we are doing now

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Experience is our advantage
Effective campaigns are our priority
Przejrzyste oferty to nasz must have: Jasna komunikacja – pomimo wielu analiz i fachowej terminologii, Współpraca z partnerami, w tym agencjami reklamowymi naszych Klientów
Experience is our advantage
Effective campaigns are our priority
Transparent offers are our must have
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