The real inflation in TV audience-buying costs was 6% in 2018

The total of EQ GRP generated by the market in the group 16+ in 2018 amounted to 3 083 501 points, while in 2017 it was 3 065 314 points. Year-on-year, the number of generated GRP has not grown (change + 0.6%), and net investment in television (data from Starcom report) increased from PLN 4.1 billion to PLN 4.4 billion – by 6.3%. The increase in spending on television, with the full filling of blocks (more GRP in blocks does not fit), means a real increase in prices.

In the news from 8.02.2019, we wrote about 15% of rate card inflation in the big four channels in 2018. Please remember, however, that previously analyzed rate cards inflation concerns the buying method used when buying time in the largest stations, i.e. only one of many forms of TV buying. It is therefore important, but only part of the market.

To at least get closer to the full picture of inflation, we need to consider package purchases in the big four and in thematic stations. However, these other forms of buying than rate card are not monitored by telemetry. Broadcasters do not share with the market precise data about the share of the rate card package purchase (although they communicate that the share of the rate card is still growing) or the level of sales of individual, differently priced, packages of thematic stations. After the end of the year, real inflation is, therefore, the easiest to estimate by comparing the generated EQGRP with the estimated net expenditure on television.

We’ve made the appropriate calculations and we can share our estimates, which show that the costs of reaching target groups through television increased in 2018 by about 6%.

Source: Nielsen Audience Measurement, Arianna, 2017-2018, target group: 16+