14% increase in online advertising YOY

After the first three quarters of 2018, investments in online advertising in Poland amounted to over 3 billion zł (increase by almost 400 million YOY) – this is data from AdEx survey conducted by IAB Polska / PwC.

The basic classification of the advertising cake is constantly dominated by Display (nearly 48% shares, and 15% YOY increase) and SEM (32% shares, 9% growth YOY).
According to the additional classification of the research, the share of the mobile increased by 44%, and social media by 28%.

More information about Internet expenses is available on the IAB website: iab.org.pl/aktualnosci/stabilny-wzrost-reklamy-cyfrowej-iab-polskapwc-adex/.

However, the Internet giants themselves, such as Facebook, Google, Netflix and Spotify, seem to not fully trust online advertising as they expand their own media mixes with offline media.
In the US according to Bloomberg, “Facebook Pushes Online Ads, Then Spends Its Cash on Billboards”

In Poland, for example, Netflix intensively uses outdoor advertising, including such formats as Dynamic Backlight AMS.

For advertisers, this is a confirmation that media mixes are worth building based primarily on the media that work, and not the ones currently fashionable in the marketing industry. The Internet provides many advertising opportunities, including the promise of precise targeting. However, offline media, as well as outdoor media, still guarantee the reach and business effects – who, as anyone, but Internet companies can count on increases in investment (KPIs) in from media.