Costs inflation in major television stations in 2018

2018 ended with high CPP inflation in all stations. On average, costs in the main stations increased by 15%, of which the largest increase in the cost is TVP 1 (+ 33%), and the smallest, and most importantly, consistent with declarations from the beginning of the year is Polsat (one digit, + 7%). TVN raised the cos an average of 15%.

Looking at the monthly dynamics of inflation changes, the highest increases took place in April (+ 27%) and in September (+ 24%). In the case of April, the main reason was the unusually good weather, which resulted in a larger than predictable outflow of the audience (smaller audience means the need to pay more for those viewers who remained in front of the TVs). The high level of costs in September, however, was already the result of the poor start of the autumn TV schedule.

In 2018 we were expecting high inflation in June and July, caused by the Football World Cup. A clear increase in prices was visible in TVP’s which had broadcasting rights of World Cup (as much as 83% on TVP 1 in June and 84% in July), while other stations reacted in defiance to TVP – Polsat with deflation (in June -2% and in July – 8%) and TVN low inflation (+ 9% in June). Ultimately, the average inflation in these two months did not exceed 12%.

Source: Nielsen Audience Measurement, Arianna, 2017-2018, target group: 16+