You have a good credit and you are on the plus side! Kredyt+ from SGB

SGB ​​Cooperative Banks promote a cash loan Kredyt+.

The goal of the campaign is to reach as many people interested in the loan as possible. The tactical implementation of this assumption is directing the target group to the campaign’s website:

Media Concept is responsible for the media strategy of the campaign, media planning and buying, as well as for implementation of analytical solutions on the campaign’s landing page.

The main axis of advertising activities is the presence at the last stage of the purchasing process, i.e. reaching people actively seeking information about the loan:

  • search ads
  • graphic ads targeted at users currently interested in loans using, among others purchase of programmatic
  • advertisements on smartphones targeted at people using financial comparison websites
  • mailing targeted to the group.

In order to broaden the range, the video was used: VoD and social media players (YouTube, Facebook).

In addition to the media in the mediaplan, cinemas in towns with Banks locations and broadcasts of spots in a special block were included in the mediation.

Additional support in the form of graphical ads using Google Display Network and social media has been provided for the Banks participating in the campaign.

Only effective billing models have been used in the campaign.

Quality has also been taken care of by: excluding the positioned pages and applications, and not using ads that annoy users, such as pop-ups.

Creative agency MenAtWork is responsible for ad creation.