Growth. Between innovation and efficiency

Forum IAB - Stand

Between 5th and 6th June, we had the chance to participate in one of the most prestigious events in the marketing industry – IAB Forum.

The slogan of this year’s thirteenth edition was: “Growth. Between Innovation and Effectiveness.”

Thanks to the invited speakers, we could listen to a variety of aspects about what growth is and how to achieve it.

Experts emphasized the need to modify the customer profiling process – instead of focusing on motivations, it is worth taking a closer look at their behavior. It is equally important to keep up to date with trends and to correctly interpret their consequences.

Building growth also boils down to digital transformation and opening up to digital commerce. As the speakers emphasized, when there is a breakthrough in thinking about business, then there will also be an increase. Among the topics discussed, there was also influencer marketing, artificial intelligence, data driven marketing and advertising blindness.

The meeting also had the opportunity to see what the risks posed by the lack of knowledge about the mechanisms of the Internet and new technologies.

Great organizational facilitation was the application that allowed to select and plan the participation of selected lectures.
We came back from the IAB Forum richer in knowledge, new acquaintances and a large portion of motivation.

Forum IAB - program